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Types of bearings for Wheels

The type of wheel bearing you choose determines how well the wheel's movement performs under loads.

Sleeve Bearing

Consists of sleeves that reduce vibrations and noise by absorbing friction between two moving parts using a sliding motion.

Single Precision Ball Bearing

The raceway grooves on both the inner and outer rings have circular arcs of slightly larger radius than that of the balls. In addition to radial loads, axial loads can be imposed in either direction.

Because of their low torque, they are highly suitable for applications requiring high speed and low power loss.

Roller Pin Bearing

Use rolling cylinders held between inner & outer raceways to support radial & axial loads acting on rotating & reciprocating shafts.

• Popular anti-friction bearing in industrial equipment.

• Typically have a higher radial load capacity than ball bearings, but a lower capacity and higher friction under axial loads

Double Precision Ball Bearing

These bearings have two single-row angular contact ball bearings arranged back-to-back. They are used in applications where the load capacity of the single-row bearing is insufficient.

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