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Selector Guide

Selecting Tread & Insert Type

These two parameters lets you choose the type of material you want your wheel to be made up of. The wheel material you require would depend on the application or the property of the wheel you want the wheel to have such as load carrying capacity, heat resistance, non-marking characteristics etc.

Frame Finish Type 

Every wheel design manufactured from us is test run against load carrying capacity benchmarks to ensure high reliability. With this filter you can choose the maximumum load carrying capacity your wheel expects to handle.


For example, if the maximum loadcarrying capacity of a 4 wheeled trolley is 600 kg, the maximum load carrying capacity of a wheel would be 600/4 = 150 kg, which is to be selected in the filter. 

Wheel Type

Not just with material type, wheels and their properties differ in terms of how they are manufactured as well.

Solid Wheels

Overmoulded Tread

Pressed Tread

Cliched Wheels

Sheet metal bolted Wheels

Frame Finish Type 

The type of finishing you have affects not just the look, but the longevity of the frame that holds the wheel

Fitting Type

The type of fitting would largely depend on the type of application required.

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